Dana Gordon

Dana Gordon

We sat down with Jewelry designer, Dana Gordon of DANA REBECCA DESIGNS who is expecting her first child this summer. We chatted about her pregnancy style, cravings and what products she is looking forward to using once her little one is here....

BCM: Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look amazing and have the pregnant glow. Can you share with us which superfoods you've been eating and workouts you've been doing?

DG: Well to be honest, aside from a green drink here and there, I've been indulging. I still manage to exercise a few times a week by walking with a friend or going to FlyWheel but I could have been a bit healthier in all honesty!

dana gordon dana rebecca designs BCM: What are your favorite clothing items you've been wearing during your pregnancy that make you feel great?

DG: Hatch Collection has really been amazing - I love their dresses, pants and tops! And of course I could not live without my JBrand maternity jeans.

BCM: How has your skincare routine changed while expecting?

DG: I'm a huge Jan Marini fan and I love all her products so I've continued to use them plus Cetaphil has really been amazing at keeping my skin clean and healthy!

BCM: What baby gear/product are you looking forward to using the most?

DG: The UPPAbaby stroller - I've heard such great things!

BCM: Are you going to find out what you are having?

DG: We are having a GIRL!

BCM: Tell us about the nursery…where do you look to for inspiration?

DG: Pottery Barn has really been amazing for inspiration. Their catalog and staff really helps make the decision easy and simple.

BCM: What are your must-have items for your hospital bag?

dana gordon and her niecesDG: Comfortable clothes, slippers and of course my own pillow.

BCM: What have you been craving during your pregnancy?

DG: Sweets which I don't usually crave. I have to end my day with either a popsicle, apple with peanut butter or a cookie.

BCM: We love Dana Rebecca Designs and have some pieces ourselves! Now that you are expecting, are you planning to additional pieces to your line inspired by your pregnancy?

DG: All of my designs are named after family and friends (pictured here) first and middle name so I am not only picking a name for my first child but I'm also prepping for a new collection named after her. THE PRESSURE IS ON!

BCM: Lets talk "push presents", any recommendations for theperfect sentimental gift?

DG: There's something special about a Push Present that is different from other milestone gifts. It should be sentimental, symbolic, but a gift that is worn with love on a daily basis. I'm a big believer in custom Push Presents that represent the little one. Whether you plan on having one child or a soccer team of kiddos, the gift should be special for the birth of each child.

  • Initial Cuff: Wearing your new baby's initials on your arm will bring you smiles each day
  • Carly Michelle Bracelet: Pink for a girl or blue for a boy, you can engrave your little one's initials or just the birth date to remember that very special day
  • Melissa Louise Bands: Pink, blue, or even yellow if you plan on waiting to find out the sex. This is the perfect ring to wear on its own or stack with your engagement ring to symbolize your growing family.

Dana Rebecca Designs Push Presents

BCM: Are you planning on taking a babymoon? If so, where?

DG: We went on a 30th birthday babymoon in May and visited the Parker in Palm Springs. It was the perfect getaway. We relaxed and were certainly entertained by the fun and unique property. I would recommend it for any vacation!

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MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE DAY IS... breakfast, lunch and dinner .... any chance to eat....

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I RECEIVED...Take pride in what you do.

BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I'VE GIVEN...Learn something new each day - it's the best way to succeed.