The Perfect White Maternity Jean

The Perfect White Maternity Jean

It's nice to see that our favorite designers are "growing" with us! One of those being J.Crew's new maternity line..and we are loving it!

We have searched and searched for the best white crop summer jean and stocked up our closets with some good ones and not so good know what we mean - the ones that you are constantly playing the jump up and pull game to actually keep them on!

jcrew maternity jeanJ.Crew's White Matchstick jeans have the elastic side panel - so if your shirt creeps up - they don't scream maternity with that ugly band - and even better - If you were lucky to have just given birth and you aren't quite fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes - these are the perfect jean for you!

Bonus - they are on sale now for $115 at

jcrew maternity jean