Technology is at our fingertips and the innovations as we know it will only be improving exponentially for our children. So much so that now our favorite toy companies are catering new technology to our little ones.  Mattel’s nabi® brand, known for creating innovative high tech solutions for kids and families including the acclaimed nabi tablet line, just unveiled its latest ground-breaking innovation, Aristotle.

Aristotle is a first-of-its kind connected kids room platform designed with a specific purpose and mission: to aid parents and use the most advanced technology to make it easier for them to protect, develop, and nurture the most important asset in their home—their children.



Aristotle is designed to comfort, entertain, teach, and assist during each development state—evolving with a child as their needs change from infancy to adolescence. And Aristotle solves all of our concerns that we have when it comes to security, privacy, and intuitive ease of use. To that end, Aristotle has been designed with security top of mind, with special attention to COPPA compliance measures and how data is collected, transferred, and stored.

Aristotle incorporates artificial intelligence (AI,) voice, sight and sounds into its hub and camera, providing an all-in-one solution that simply works together. Therefore, the core system is much more than a stylish Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Direct speaker with a powerful, voice activated AI.  With its dynamic built-in LED multiple color lighting system and companion Wi-Fi camera, Aristotle delivers more enhanced AI capabilities that enable it to do more specialized functions autonomously, including helping sooth a crying baby, purchase diapers or find online deals, reinforce good manners in kids, and even help kids learn a foreign language.

Mattel will debut the Aristotle voice activated kids connected room hub and camera bundle at retail this summer.