Medela Sonata

Medela Sonata

Breastfeeding moms know how much of a commitment pumping can be. And for many moms, while they know how important pumping is, they dread doing it. Whether it's because of inconvenience, lack of comfort, the loud noise, there are many things that we wish we could change the way that pumps are made. Medela, a leading brand for nursing mother,  spent the past four years researching and listening to moms on what they really want in a breast pump. And that's why they created Sonata.  Sonata is the first smart breast pump to offer hospital-level performance in a personal-use breast pump weighing about two pounds. Sonata’s innovative and intuitive design is the quietest Medela breast pump. 

They've rebuilt the personal-use breast pump from inside and out. Medela’s research insights revealed that a pumping mom may face a number of obstacles during her breastfeeding journey — from the impact of product performance on her milk output, to the noise of her breast pump motor, to getting access to help. Medela unveiled new features of Sonata that address moms’ needs in their pumping journey.

Medela Sonata

Sonata’s Smart Solution connects to the comprehensive, award-winning, one-of-a-kind digital breastfeeding support app, MyMedela®, to track baby’s activities and get unlimited access to clinically proven support and expert tips. MyMedela seamlessly pairs with Sonata to record pumping sessions, including the phase, rhythm and suction level. Sessions are tracked so mom only has to connect MyMedela with Sonata once, and a record of each session is stored. Through the app, mom receives encouragement based on her goals, as well as real-time notifications directly to her smart phone, reminding her to charge her breast pump or complete a pump session. Timers and alerts also help mom stay on track. Today, a new release of MyMedela was unveiled in the U.S. and is free for download for all moms to use.

Everyone knows how loud breast pumps can be. Sonata is not. Medela’s engineers, who are also parents, recognize the value of quiet, especially when it might mean waking a sleeping baby or disrupting a conference call. Sonata is Medela’s quietest breast pump yet, for discretion wherever mom may be, including late-night pumping sessions.

Medela Sonata

A first for Medela, Sonata’s exclusive Responsive Pump Technology (RPT) offers consistent pumping for her individual shape wherever she pumps, using sensors to detect changes in mom’s body (e.g., breast fullness) or in the environment (including elevation) which may impact normal vacuum pressure. RPT adjusts for consistent vacuum throughout the pumping session no matter where mom is, in flight, at the office or at the beach.

During development, Medela talked with moms and improved the pumping kit to make it easier for moms and their partners. Sonata’s double pumping kit (valve, connector, membrane, connector cap and tubing) features an ergonomic design that is comfortable for mom to hold in a variety of positions. It was designed for intuitive assembly with cleaning in mind, replacing small crevices with an easy-to-clean design.

Medela designed details with moms in mind to provide comfort and assurance. From the ergonomics of the kit design that accommodate many holding positions; to how the “start” button is larger and at the bottom so it can be started using a toe or elbow; to the backlit display that makes it easy to navigate a late-night pumping session, Medela believes that Sonata offers moms a product experience that puts her needs in the forefront to better support her breast milk feeding goals.


Sonata is available starting today in the United States for $399.99 (MSRP) through retail partners Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Walmart, and from Medela's online store. For more information visit and