Didi Wong: 1.1.17


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Master Practitioner Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Founder and CEO of Chakras by didi, and Co-Founder of Social Spotlight Events



BCM: If you could describe motherhood in one word, what would it be?

DW: Blessed

BCM: What’s one moment in your motherhood journey that has made you proud?

DW: When the pre-school teacher asks me, "How do you parent the happiest child in the world?"

BCM: What is one piece of advice you want to pass along to your children? 

DW:  To be kind and generous to others.

BCM: Congratulations on all of your success as a wellness and life coach, what inspired you to get involved in making sure moms are healthy during pregnancy and beyond?

DW:  I think being pregnant and giving birth to a child is the most special time in a woman's life. Whenever I think back to those stages of my life, I smile and render in those miracles that I experienced, so working with this particular demographic brings me so much joy. I love helping women get their minds ready for the experience and thinking about how their lives are about to change. I love to guide them to question about the foundation of their marriages or relationships, while also making sure they are as strong as they could be before bringing a baby into the world because bringing a baby into the world should only bring joy into their lives. Communicating fears and the natural anxious thoughts that a new mom would have puts such feelings into the forefront of their minds, which in turn will keep them present to what may need to be done to better their lives or what is already working well in their lives.

BCM: What are a few tips you always give to expectant moms?

DW: Don't worry about the weight gain, and let go of those negative self-image thoughts. Make sure you have some great photos of you and your belly, and I also encourage them to spend as much time as possible alone and with her spouse before the baby is born!

BCM: What are a few tips you always give to new moms? 

DW: That babies cry. It is their way of communicating, so do not let the cries panic you. Also, as a mother, you already know what’s best for your child, so trust your instincts, while listening to other parents' advice with "a grain of salt!" 

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BCM: What is one piece of advice you would pass along to other parents?

DW:  To be present with your children and treasure the quality times with them – this means no texting or going on social media while playing with them or half-watching TV in their presence.

BCM: How do you tackle work/life balance?

DW: Train myself to be really good at time management and organization. If you write it in your calendar, you will most likely get it done.

BCM: If you could hand off one chore to someone else each day, what would it be?

DW: Food preparation – so the chopping of the garlic, the onions, the vegetables and the meats. Or the rinsing of the grains, which we eat often!

BCM: wHAT is your favorite thing to do to relax and unwind?

DW: I love, love, love to binge-watch episodes of my favorite TV dramas. I also am obsessed with getting deep-tissue massages with my favorite essential oils.

BCM: What is your best parenting hack?

DW:   I teach my children to flip up the "ears" of juice boxes and hold them while they drink their juices, so it won't spill.

BCM: What was the last book you read?

DW: This question made me laugh because I literally have no time to even sit down to read anything without being disturbed! However, I think I did read a book when I only had one child and that was "Fifty Shades of Grey" because every mama still needs to feel desired and sexy!

BCM: What is the best white lie that you’ve told your child? 

DW: That eating spinach will make them be strong, like Popeye, and that they will be able to run faster!

BCM: What’s in your diaper bag? 

DW: Diapers in a diaper protector bag to keep them clean, baby wipes, diaper changing mat, tissues, extra set of clothes and socks for each child under three, snacks, Vaseline, blankets (when cooler weather), teething toys, and hair bands and clips. 



Fun Facts:


Favorite Beauty Product: 

DW: Facial Oil by Aromatherapy Associates

Favorite Form of Exercise: 

DW: A 90-minute Vinyasa yoga class

What is on your DVR?  

DW: This Is Us, Notorious, Empire, Access Hollywood, Dr. Oz, The Voice, 60 Minutes, America's Funniest Home Videos, Shark Tank and, of course, awards shows

Favorite App: 

DW:  Class Pass

Favorite Kids Store: 

DW: Janie & Jack