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Seven Steps To Potty Training

Since my recent post about beginning Potty Training 101 on my son, a lot has happened. The experience was much easier than I expected. My two year old son (born in July, potty trained in August) is now out of diapers! (But for napping and nighttime). I’m going to tell you how I did it, with that hope that you might find valuable information from my experience.

But first, let me make an important point: All the talk about boys not being ready for potty training until almost three years old is just that – all talk. Ignore it. Every child is different. Some will get it at two, others at three. It would have been a real shame if I had waited another six months to potty train Blake. He was getting frequent bad diaper rashes and it would have continued, but for the underwear.

When I would tell people that I was going to potty train soon, they’d often raise an eyebrow and ask, “But is he ready?” What does that mean? Does he ask for the potty? No. Does he have dry diapers for hours at a time? No. Does he tell me when he makes a doody? Sometimes. I ignored the whole “ready” factor and just went for it. If he refused to sit on the potty, even with my varsity cheerleading experience and M&M rewards, then I would know that he wasn’t ready. But until I tried, I couldn’t know

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