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Why does talking to my kids' teachers make me panic?

While I wouldn't say that I was a teacher's pet as a student, I certainly had teachers that I adored throughout my school career. I can only pinpoint a couple of teachers, here and there, who I didn't have a good relationship with, but nothing that was a big deal, in the scheme of things.

So, why does talking to my kids' teachers make me panic?

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How do I have a child in Middle School?

 "The days are long, but the years are short." - Gretchen Rubin.  


It sounds so cliche. When your baby is born, people tell you to enjoy every moment because time goes by so fast. It is so true. It seems like just yesterday I was taking my daughter to her first day of nursery school and just this week I watched as she walked into middle school to begin sixth grade.

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NYC Nursery School Information

The day after Labor Day in NYC is also known as Black Tuesday for those applying to Nursery Schools.   Below are some articles and resources that we have posted on our site that can help you navigate the process.


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