Finding the Perfect Diaper Bag

I swear I have become the crazy bag lady even more since having a kid. I am all about buying new bags for traveling and just because. I really have such an addiction that my wife and I have a closet full of bags.

The things is, and all you moms will agree with me, that you get over your bag and you want something new, different, and not what everyone else has. I mean what is worse than being out in public and you walk past someone with the same shirt on as you, or even worse, you have the same diaper bag. I know, I flip out.

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Baby Love

Of all the style situations, the one that seems to be as exciting as it is daunting is dressing the baby bump. I am not there yet, nor have I been but from what I hear via friends and clients is that it is the cute factor of the belly draws you in, yes I can do this be all adorable and pregnant, but then the reality of a wardrobe budget and what works with your new figure all ends up being quite overwhelming. Enter me :) Just like any other fashion conundrum my approach to making you look as blissful on the outside as you feel on the inside is about mixing the high and low brands and putting an emphasis on fit.

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Munchkin Launches New Layette Line mbaby

With just days before I welcome my third child into the world, I am slowly preparing our aparment for his arrival. Although I have most of the baby gear that I need from my other children, I am always amazed at the new and innovative baby products that hit the market.

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