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My Little Language School

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MLLS is offering 4 exciting summer sessions of biligual exploration of the world. We are a bilingual Spanish Montessori preschool serving students aged 2-5 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Our unique program is designed to foster bilingualism in our students while simultaneously building their educational foundation using the methods of the Montessori philosophy. 

My Little Language School’s summer program runs from June 30th to August 22nd, in 4 2-week sessions. The Summer Registration Fee is $75, the fee per session is $850 for 5 full days,from 9am to 5pm.

Session 1: The Ocean June 30th to July 11thStudents will learn about the deep blue sea and all of the plants and animals that live there. Discover an underwater world of adventure using the Montessori materials and activities developed by our classroom teachers. We will take a trip to the aquarium so that students can see all of the animals and plants that they learned about

 Session 2: Dinosaurs July 14th to July 25th

Learn about flying dinosaurs, herbivores, carnivores and what it was like when they roamed the earth.  We will create our own fossils, participate in dino digs and take a trip to the Museum of Natural History to see the fossils up close and personal.

 Session 3: Our Body July 28th to August 8th

  Learn about all of the different parts of our bodies and how we use them. We will make many different art projects, participate in movement and gym classes and take a trip to the Children’s Museum to learn more about the way that all of our body parts work.

 Session 4: The Olympics August 11th to August 22nd

 What a fun and engaging way to get the children active by teaching them about the Olympic Games. These global activities will incorporate both cooperative and individual games including: relay races, obstacle courses, basketball, soccer, paper airplane races, hula-hoop contests and sports themed art projects.

 Field Trips: The summer program is filled with weekly fieldtrips. The children participate in water play both at school and at the local parks on Riverside and Central Park.  Children under 3 years will not be invited on fieldtrips that include public transportation, unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  These trips include museums and other trips that the hosts may deem suitable for certain ages. 


We founded My Little Language School out of love for our daughter, Sabrina. My husband and I grew up in a monolingual environment, and struggled unsuccessfully throughout our adult years to acquire a second language. When we became parents, we were determined that our daughter would be able to learn and and master a second language, Spanish.

 New York Parents are faced with unique challenges. As busy working parents, much like yourselves, we searched for a school that would give us a quality education and enriching environment for our daughter. Our research brought about a focused interest in, and passion for Montessori education. When we could not find a Montessori environment (that was also bilingual or dual language), we endeavored to create an independent Bilingual Montessori School. 

 Our research showed that the toddler age group is best time to be introduced to a second language, so we worked to create a warm, inviting, fun environment for children to learn a second language and truly become bilingual. We were not only interested in the benefit of our child becoming fluent in a second language, but we were also concerned with her primary and secondary education. We knew that when Sabrina graduated, she would need a strong vocabulary in both English and Spanish, as well as excelling in age appropriate math, science and arts curriculum.

 The educational standards at My Little Language School are exceptionally high to ensure that students leaving our program are well prepared for entrance exams such as the ERB and the New York City's Gifted and Talented programs. Our students are prepared holistically and through consistent and attentive, individualized Montessori-based instruction. So far many of our graduates, our daughter included, have done well and gone on to prestigious independent and selective public schools.

 Today, My Little Language School Bilingual Montessori is a thriving community of students, parents and educators focused on a singular goal of developing happy, well-adjusted, cultured children who speak Spanish and English fluently, and who will grow to be world citizens.  

 If your child is currently mono-lingual and you would like your child to be bilingual, our program will work with your child at the speed that your child is developing, to introduce them to a new language. We love our little school. We hope you will stop by for a visit, and introduce your child to a unique educational environment full of rich culture.











































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