Gaga Madness

Gaga Madness

795 Columbus Avenue
Apt. 3I
New York, NY 10025
(646) 801-6303


Gaga is the hottest new sport in NYC. We've taken the fun and pushed it into overdrive. Energetic coaches, pumped up music, sideline commentary, gear giveaways and more. Kids K - 5th Grade, stay active and keep fit with this new craze that's sweeping the city.If you've never played GAGA before, don't worry, our coaches know how to get you playing and having fun straight away. Games are quick and exciting. Outside the pit, you're still involved, with daily challenges, as well as chances to affect the games. Can anyone say MULTIBALL! Six Week Season Starting April 6, 2014 at The Mandell School Gym.


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