Brooklyn Forest School

Brooklyn Forest School

80 Dekalb Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 200-2036


Brooklyn Forest offers classes in Central Park and Prospect Park for young children and their caregivers. We want your child’s first class to be filled with wonder. And we believe a wonderful childhood starts with imaginative play and a supportive community; with a meaningful connection to nature and wildlife; with vigorous physical work and nourishing food; with simple rhythms and constant singing; with feeling at home in the forest. 

The New York Times describes us this way:

"Forest schools have become a popular feature of European education over the past two decades and you will find them in Holland and Scandinavia and other places that venerate aesthetically unimpeachable wooden toys. In Brooklyn Forest School, children arrive looking as though they are professional fishermen and dig into mud, make mud pies, look for worms and handle worms. Snacks consist of whole wheat bread, accompanied by sliced apples and Saskatoon berry tea, ordered from Canada and drunk from tiny white ceramic cups. Children are guided rather than explicitly directed from one step to another — from mud pie making to hand washing, for instance — through song."