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DKnannies - License and Bonded Exclusive Personalize Nanny matching services, focus not only on providing children with engaging and loving care, but also on helping parents build effective relationships with the individuals who are so deeply involved with their most valued treasure.


Children are our future, and I firmly believe that our most important mission is to provide them with the highest level of care possible.

Even as so many things change all around us, one thing remains the same: our children depend on us to be their loving and caring guides. Therefore, dknannies strive to serve as a link between parents and nannies, helping them work together to create a healthy, loving and stimulating environment.

dknannies believes in a combination of warm, nurturing environment, with social and educational stimulation as the key to success. Our philosophy is modern, but it is still rooted in the basic premise that children will flourish when they feel safe, listened to, and cared for. At the same time, we are committed to teaching such vales as respect, responsibility, manners, and human ethics.   

At DKnannies, we believe it is of the utmost importance to provide children with an absorbing and varied array of activities. These include engaging in playtime that incorporates education-for example, art, writing, reading, math skills, and logic. We also stress encouraging each child’s creativity as well as social skills.


By balancing a few different areas - human ethics, creativity, education, and social skills - we feel we are actively and consistently helping each child grow into a self-confident, empathetic person - in other words, a great human being.


To accomplish these goals, dknannies works closely with each of our nannies. All of our nannies have excellent communication skills that enable them to teach the children in their care about important matters such as making the right choices and developing respect for themselves and others. We believe that by doing so, we can foster each child’s feelings of self-confidence and independence.

 To ensure that our nannies incorporate our values into the relationships they form with the children in their care, we follow a number of critical steps:


1.  Written application

2.  Written test

3.  Personal interview

4.  Extensive background check

5. Orientation courses. Each nanny in our employ must master CPR plus take a number of courses in child development.


At dknannies, we educate our nannies about different techniques that will benefit children as they grow.  These techniques include:

·      Ways of stimulating the child’s growth - educationally, socially, and physically - through various play techniques

·      The importance of creating a routine for children

·      Fun ways to introduce a healthier diet

·      Different techniques of discipline, if needed

·      Ways of communicating clearly and effectively with parents in order to foster a mutually-rewarding and effective work environment

·      Involving children in responsibilities at home as they grow






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132 West 31st Street

15th floor, suite 1517

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