ThermoSiv Smart Heating

ThermoSiv Smart Heating


A New, Energy Efficient and Healthy way to heat! A revolution. Saving the planet with using less energy to heat. Radiant therapeutic heat. 

New. Improved. Best. 



Baby Heating from ThermoBaby Products

Healthy & safe way to keep your baby warm, whether on the go on in the house

Infants and babies suffer from irregularities in temperature, and are particularly susceptible to cold. The ThermoBaby product line is designed with low voltage and low soothing temperatures to adjust your baby’s body heat, and maintain it. CPSIA Certified.

Safe & Healthy

Heat, just like a fever, helps boost our immune systems. In infants in babies this is particularly important! Infants and babies are usually cold when their diaper is being changed, when they are outside or as their temperature drops when they are asleep.

Accordingly ThermoSiv developed these products to answer the need of our most precious thing in life – our children. Our FiR helps maintain their body temperature, sending therapeutic waves to protect them from the cold and boost their immune system.

Our Baby Products are low voltage, operated at 12v rechargeable batteries or 12v adaptors. Since they are low-voltage power sources, there is NO RISK of electrical shock.

Our carbon-coated threads are semi-conductive, and the fabric is designed as an intrinsically safe system, making the fabric inflammable, with no short-circuit hazard. Far infrared radiant heat has been researched time and time again, with scientists around the world in agreement on its wide range of benefits

  • According to the Clayton’s Electrotherapy, 9th Edition, Far Infrared radiation is the only antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  • The Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection concluded far infrared heat poses no danger whatsoever
  • The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology reports medical practitioners make use of Far Infrared radiant heat to treat sprains, strains, bursitis, peripheral vascular diseases, arthritis, and muscle pain.
  • Japanese researchers have reported that not only is FiR free of electromagnetic fields, it antidotes the negative effects of toxic electromagnetic sources.

Energy Efficient & Green

Keeping our earth cleaner is important, our products use so little power that the average cost of using even all three products throughout the winter will cost less than $0.001 per day!

Moreover, the ThermoSiv Controller System regulates the fabric’s temperature allowing 3-level heating between 105-120F. The controller will turn off the heat once it reaches desired temperature and turn it on again when it reaches the bottom temperature, saving on battery/electricity use.


Our ThermoFabric is so durable that it will continue to heat even if multiple holes are poked in it. In addition, there is no fear that it will stop working if your baby wets the products as it is laminated in strong water-resistant material that protects the fabric.


About Us


ThermoSiv is about to change the world. It is the railroads of 1866. It is the oil of the 1870s. It is the light bulb of the world’s fair in Chicago at the turn of the century. It is a technology that will deliver a real victory to the green revolution and the earth. It is the technology of change.

A fabric so unique and so innovative, even the savviest of inventors are at awe. This energy efficient flexible heating fabric radiates healthy therapeutic rays that and is the safest heating system eve built. The fabric can be inserted, laminated, integrated, pressed, molded and sewn into anything, anywhere, anytime. It is one of the most versatile materials on the planet.

The fabric radiates far infrared rays the same as the healthy 8-14 micron spectrum that is part of the sunrays that make everything on earth live.

The technology can reduce energy consumptions in winters around the world! By simply using our ThermoFabric as an energy efficient electric heater, families will save significantly on their electric costs.

Heating is still an expensive and, many times, unsafe or even dangerous affair. ThermoSiv developed ThermoFabric products that satisfy critical needs in energy efficiency, safety and health to address these issues that have been marginalized due to lack of solutions.

The ThermoFabric is the only far infrared (FiR), carbon-based woven ThermoFabric of its kind. The fabric can be cut, laminated, pressed and crushed without significant wear and tear, lasting many years and allowing it to be fitted to almost any application. This means ThermoSiv Technologies has a heating solution in almost every industry.


Our Vision


To make the world more energy efficient in winters around the world

To create a heating market that is energy efficient, and designed for the 21st century electric consumption and style.

To help people achieve energy efficiency in their homes, for their babies and children, their pets, their elderly parents while getting the piece of mind with products that are healthy and safe.

To design fashionable products and make the heating market an integrated seamless part of our lives, whether for our children, in our clothes, our homes, or when we are outdoor working or recreationally.

To move our society forward with technologies that are better, safer, healthier and greener.


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