Soft Skin Company

Soft Skin Company


There are millions of stretch mark creams, lotions and potions on the market, but only one way to keep the beneficial moisture on your skin. Finally a safe & simple solution to stretch marks from The Soft Skin Company

The made-in-America Stretch Softly® Stretch Mark Prevention Set is more than just stretch mark oil.  It’s a cute little maternity top and bottom set is made from a patented fabric that you wear over your oil to keep moisture on your skin rather than on your clothing. The fabric is BlueSign Certified, meaning non-toxic from production to end product.

After applying our all-natural (good-enough-to-eat) Stretch Softly® Signature Oil to your pregnant belly and bum, slip on the comfortable, lightweight tank top and shorts to keep the moisture on your skin as an ultra deep moisturizing treatment. The Stretch Softly™ set helps prevent stretch marks and the itching that occur with a growing belly. Patented, safe and highly recommended!

Winner of a top Mom’s Choice Award, The Soft Skin Company is currently selling online, and will be available at Destination Maternity in June 2015.

We also have carry a line of all natural body oils for mom, baby and everyone else. Our Stretch Softly® Signature Oil is specifically formulated with 9 perfect ingredients to maximize skin's elasticity during pregnancy. The StaySoft® Swaddling Oil is perfect for delicate baby skin and our StaySoft® Signature Oil is for skin after pregnancy.

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