Léman Manhattan Prepreatory School

Léman Manhattan Prepreatory School

Lower School
41 Broad St New York,
New York, New York 10004
(212) 232-0266
Upper School
1 Morris St
New York, New York 11004
(212) 323-0266


At Léman Manhattan we offer PreK-12, boarding school and five day boarding. Our mission is to educate children not just to excel in academics, but to build a global perspective on the world that enables them to become adults who embrace life with zest, empathy and enthusiasm.

First and foremost, our objective is to provide the highest-caliber educational experience in ways that build students’ character, confidence, critical thinking skills and personal talents. We accomplish this through small class sizes and personalized instruction designed to address each student’s unique learning style, goals, interests and strengths. Our open and constant communication between parents, teachers, students, and administrators is a unique component of our approach that builds strong partnerships to help students succeed.

Through a rich curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and collaboration, coupled with access to an interconnected, global community of thinkers and learners, Léman Manhattan is redefining PreK-12 private school education.