Kimberly The Baby Nurse Guru

Kimberly The Baby Nurse Guru

3209 Bruner avenue
Bronx, New York 10469
(929) 240-5394


I started taking care of babies as a certified newborn care specialist six years ago. It is something that i have grown to love immensely and i take great pleasure in the fact that not only do babies naturally find comfort in my arms but i have an exemplary record of getting along very well with parents. I pride myself on possessing certain characteristics that allow me to do my job very well. Honest, trustworthy, gentle, kind, and patient are just some of the words that parents have used to describe me in the past.

Being a mother myself allows me a unique perspective in this line of work. My love and devotion and compassion for my own children allows me the same feelings towards the children i take care of, thus consoling, loving and caring for them in the same way.

My experiences have lead me to work with large families of all faiths, families with their first baby, couples with multiples, premature babies infants, toddlers and "big kids", all with their own unique set of demands and requirements. I have attended many Jewish Bris', standing side by side with Mohels as they performed their circumcisions and then caring for the circumcisions after, I have attended Christenings, cared thrushes, diaper rashes, tended to babies that won't sleep, won't eat, won't latch, gave a much needed helping hand to many frustrated, sleep deprived breastfeeding moms and the list goes on. I also prepare meals for infants and toddlers, keep their rooms tidy, arrange and execute play dates, baby and toddler classes and take the children for walks.

I love what i do, and i'd love to do it for you and your family too. 

p.s. All my shots are up to date, including whooping cough and flu shot. References are available upon request.

Special offer for Big City Moms

Baby Nurse Fees:

One Infant-

$250/ 24 hour day, $190/12 hour day, $200/12 hour night

Twin Infants-

$310/ 24 hour day, $250/ 12 hour day, $260/ 12 hour night


One year and older-

$18/ hour, $1.50/ hour for each additional child.