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Kate Callahan Photography




Kate specializes in on-location, stress-free photo sessions with babies, children, and families. Moms love her because she delivers beautiful, authentic photos of their family and little ones. Kids love her because she's fun! Kate serves clients throughout the Hudson Valley region of NY and all of NYC.



Dear Mom,

You pull out your phone everyday to take a picture of your kids. But the question is ... when was the last time you got in the picture?

I know that sometimes as women we don't feel 100% great about ourselves. And we think … when I lose that next 10 pounds, I'll get in the pictures. Or, when I grow out this haircut, I'll get in the pictures. And then somehow, the years go by. YEARS go by and few pictures are taken of you and your kids -- or of the whole family together

After photographing women for the past eight years, I can tell you that I see most people's insecurities the second I pull out my camera. I can see it in the way they turn to the side. Or try and pull in their belly. Or just in the bullets of sweat that start to form the moment the camera is pointed in their direction! 

If, by chance, this is you ... if you are someone who feels really uncomfortable in front of the camera, I just want you to know that  I understand. It's my job to help you feel comfortable and beautiful. To help you relax. It's my job to utilize good angles and focus on the things that make you the most beautiful! And mostly, it's my job to help you have so much fun on your session with your kids that all we end up with is images of smiles and love. 

If you're someone who gets nervous in front of a camera, it's ok. You're not alone. But I know that in 20 years, the photos your kids will display in their own homes as cherished possessions won't be the ones of just them. It will be the ones of YOU and them. Those are the pictures that I have all over my home. They mean the world to me. 

 So, yes … keep snapping away and taking beautiful pictures of your kids with your phone and camera. But please remember to get in there, too. And when you book a session with a photographer ... please don't just book it for the kids. Book it for you, too.