Cancellation Policy

Big City Moms Event Cancellation & Prizes Policy



We understand that circumstances beyond your control may disable you from attending an event for which you have RSVPd. Please notify Big City Moms of any cancellations on or prior to the Cancel By date for each event.


We will refund 100% of your money if you cancel 48 hours before the event. • If you do not attend an event and fail to cancel within the time periods set forth above, you will not receive any refund.

• For the Biggest Baby Shower event full refunds will be given 14 days before the event. After the 14th day - no refunds will be issued.

Raffles, Promos and Gift Bags

You will not be: entered in the raffle, eligible to receive any promotional items (e.g., the first x number of moms to RSVP receive y) nor entitled to receive a gift bag unless you are in attendance at that event. • Gift bags are distributed at the conclusion of events. If you attend the event and must leave before the conclusion, you may designate a friend at the event to pick up your gift bag for you. You - and not your friend - must tell Big City Moms that you have made that arrangement. Gift bags will not be saved for you.• You must be present at the time promotional items and raffles are drawn to be eligible to win.

• There are no exchanges for raffles won through Big City Moms.

Severe Weather

If an event must be cancelled due to severe weather, we will notify you by e-mail of the cancellation and rescheduling date. If you are unable to attend a rescheduled event, you will receive a 100% refund.


Repeat Winners

Due to our contractual obligations to companies sponsoring and providing raffle items for Big City Moms events, we are unable to award the same make and model of an item with a retail value exceeding $100 to anyone who previously won that same item at a Big City Moms event within the previous 48 months. This does not include items in the same category, but from a different manufacturer. For example, the winner of a Quinny Buzz stroller is not eligible to win another Quinny Buzz stroller (regardless of fabric changes), but is eligible to win a Quinny Zapp stroller or any other stroller.

Additionally - Only 1 person can win the same prize per household.


Big City Moms is not responsible for any design defects, breakage or other problems with any of the items we give away.

Right to refuse service

By purchasing an event ticket, you agree to exhibit appropriate behavior and to abide by the policies herein. We have the right to refuse service to and/or ask parents who violate this policy to leave an event. We also have the right to refund future event tickets to parents who have violated or threatened to violate this policy.

We cannot make any exceptions to these policies. Thank you!