Allison Citron


A New York Ivy League undergraduate and NYC-based J.D., Allison has spent years in iconic NYC and while here, realized she had an untapped passion and love for all things fashion and style. All these years later she finds herself unable to leave her beloved NYC and resides here with husband Brian and kids Elle and Rocky. Now, finally transitioning from 11 years experience as a full-time corporate lawyer to the stylista-fashion-obsessed-nycmom-she-truly is, Allison works for the jewelry company Chloe + Isabel and sells awesome pieces both online and in person. She brings to the table a love and passion for all things style in the forum of beauty, fashion, but above all, the daily rigamorole of being a mom and trying to look her best every day that she does it! She is so excited to finally bring her tips and ideas to the Big City Moms community! Here's to a fun-filled ride of fun, fashion and fabulous style!

Blog Posts

Take Some Time to Celebrate

T'is the season.. for holiday parties, for caroling, for dreidel-playing, and for many of us moms, stressing over our attire for the events we attend, whether for ourselves or our spouses. I'm here to let you know that it doesn't have to be as hard as it may at first seem. So during this season, and in keeping with the motto from my last post of taking that one element of your outfit and rocking it while keeping the rest at bay, those same tips appeal. Now, in the spirit of The Sound of Music (Carrie-Underwood-as-Maria-Haters please keep your feelings at bay), these are A Few of My Favorite Things (for this season!!!):

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