Allison LaTona, MFT

Parenting Expert, Twigtale  

Allison is a noted parenting consultant and psychotherapist, whose consultation groups provide a practical and compassionate roadmap for those navigating the journey of parenthood. Focusing upon respectful parenting philosophies, the power of language, emotional intelligence, and a child’s natural developmental capabilities, Allison offers specific strategies and invaluable insights that ease the inherent challenges of contemporary parenthood.

Her work empowers parents with the vision and tools to create thriving and fulfilling family lives, and fosters long-term connections within a supportive community.

Encouraging parents to be their child’s own story-teller, narrating their experience to help them make sense of their world and build language, Allison often advises parents to make personalized books for their child for various situations to facilitate this process visually, thereby increasing understanding and reassurance. She has been involved in Twigtale from the beginning, and critical to developing the range of topics featured in the library.

Allison has eighteen years of experience counseling children, families, couples and individuals, and has facilitated groups in private practice, as well as at Santa Monica’s Babygroup with Donna Holloran, MSW, for over a decade. With twelve years “in the trenches” raising two young children of her own, Allison personal path complements her professional credentials. Her empathy, experience, and dedication fuel her passionate commitment to her work.

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