Amy Howard Williams

Blogger, Cupcakes and Cappuccino  

Culinary Professional, Recipe Developer and Mom. For me, food is an extension of emotion. Some reminisce about life events by what song was playing. I remember what I ate. I've been a contributing writer, recipe developer, and assistant editor for various food-focused publications, and have amassed significant allergy-free expertise. I recently returned to the US after having the amazing opportunity to live in Italy for 3 years and learn from Italian chefs and explore Europe. I enjoy farm-to-table cooking and restaurants and making healthy but delicious dishes for my family – including my 9 month old. Nothing makes me happier than feeding family and friends and seeing my daughter try new foods and love it.


When I had my daughter I decided I would be making her food – but at the same time I didn’t want to make 2 different meals each night. I try to make meals that everyone can eat and are baby friendly. It saves time and she wants to eat what we are having anyway.


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