Colette Lettieri

Colette Lettieri  

Colette Lettieri is working to become a personal healthy resource for new mothers.  Colette works to provide you with the best ideas to make taking care of you and your kids, easy and fun. With a focus on Colette’s three favorite topics: Health, Fitness and Beauty she hopes to share what’s hot, some old favorites and the necessary facts.

Colette has spent years researching and trying all the latest trends in Health, Fitness and Beauty.  With degrees in both special education and social work Colette prides herself in a multi-faceted approach to life and living. She understands that time is precious and how consuming children, marriage, work and life can be. She works hard to strike a balance and hopes to encourage other moms to strive for that same balance.

For Hamptons Fit Moms, Healthy Moms anywhere and anyone looking for some  personal inspiration, Colette hopes to provide some ideas and encouragement so that you can have a beautiful, healthy lifestyle.


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