Dana Ram

co-founder and co-designer, Gaya Fitness  

Our goal is to let active pregnant women the opportunity to keep on going with their training, without compromising on functionality and style!dana_ramHi my name is Dana Ram, co-founder and co-designer at Gaya FitnessI’m 42 years old, happily married and a mother of two precious kids. I’ve being doing sports my whole life, running, lifting, yoga…I ran four marathons, did one half iron man, and these past two years I’m into crossfit as well.

When my husband and I talked about having a third child I knew that I am not going to stop with my training, and noticed that more and more pregnant women keep on going with their fitness regime adjusting here and there as needed but with the same persistence and motivation, maybe even more so…

I spoke to a couple of these women, and was surprised to find out that they had to borrow their husbands shirt, or train with only a bra top on, and that finding the right pair of thighs was nearly impossible, not to mention that all the other clothes had zero functionality!That’s when I decided there has to be another way!I hooked up with a sports fashion designer Ms. Nuch Sirithavee from Thailand, and this past year we’ve been developing together our first collection. Every detail of this collection was designed and redesigned endless times, starting with the patterns, to choosing the right fabrics, even the right stoppers, until we got it right!

All our items can be worn and used comfortably even after you deliver!

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