Debbie Fink


Debbie Fink is a 40-year-old marketing executive living in Los Angeles. She is married and has two step-daughters. Although she is battling stage four appendix cancer, she doesn't let that slow her down, and enjoys writing, hiking, pilates and traveling. She can be contacted at

Blog Posts

When Being the Best Mom Means Not Being a Mom

I've wanted to be a mother since about the age of 5, and have memories of playing with my plastic Honey Doll, pretending she was a newborn that needed to be cared for. My desire for kids just grew stronger over the years. In my 20s and 30s, every time I dated someone new, I would immediately (and quite prematurely) fantasize what our children would look like. Would they have his deep-set brown eyes and slightly dimpled chin? Would they have my thirst for knowledge and perfectly thick eyebrows? I have had baby's names stored in my back pocket, ready to be pulled out as quickly as my wallet. Penelope and Spencer are currently my two favorites.

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