Julie Vallese

Safety 1st Consumer Safety Expert  

Julie Vallese is a consumer safety expert for Dorel Juvenile Group. A veteran consumer product safety advocate, Julie is committed to improving the safety of children across the globe. Julie was Director of Public Affairs for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission from 2005-2009, serving as a senior spokesperson and principal media advisor for the agency. For more than 15 years, Julie was a journalist with Cable News Network. As the network’s Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Correspondent and Editor, she reported on news related to automotive industry, product safety, traffic safety and child safety, among other topics. Follow Julie on facebook and twitter!


Blog Posts

What the new 65 Pound LATCH rule means

Statistics for proper car seat installation haven’t changed in more than a decade. Despite changes in federal regulations, the availability of car seat installation checks and ongoing education campaigns, three out of four car seats are installed incorrectly. While some may need minor adjustments for proper installation, others sometimes need to start from ground one. It only seems like an advanced degree may be needed in “installationology” but by starting off with the basics you’re one step closer to success.

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Safeguarding on the Road

The holidays have arrived and whether you are celebrating in your home or as a guest with friends and family, make sure to keep a close eye on your little one. If you are traveling this holiday season, it’s easier than you think to keep baby safe in someone else’s home.

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