Leslie Venokur

Co-Founder, Big City Moms  

With events - big and small and everything in between, Big City moms is the destination for moms, moms to be and families. Founders, Risa Goldberg and Leslie Venokur are sisters as well as Big City Moms themselves. Leslie is the mom of a 5 year old daughter, Samantha and 1 year old boy, Max.

Big City Moms was created almost 10 years ago with events geared towards working moms. Since their inception, Big City Moms has evolved to cater events towards all moms, moms-to-be and the entire family. Today, they have a network with over 100,000 mothers, an online community and events every day across the Unites States.


Blog Posts

Birthday Traditions...

There are a few traditions that my kids look forward to at the ripe 'ole ages of 2 and five! One that stands out for my daughter surrounds their birthdays. Both of my kids have summer birthdays and we always spend our summers at the beach. Let's face it - beach birthdays are the best! It's so much fun to kick off their new year by letting them run free and by etching cute sayings into the sand...

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Big City Moms LOVES LA!

Our second stop for our Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event this year was Los Angeles… We had the best time – and loved every minute of it!

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