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Robin Barrie Kaiden is renowned for helping people of all ages embrace a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness counseling. As a Licensed Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, her smart and sensible approach to pediatrics, weight loss, sports nutrition, allergies, cardiovascular health, pre/post natal, and other areas of clinical and lifestyle nutrition has resonated with hundreds of people across the United States. In addition to her private Manhattan-based practice for adults, children and families, she maintains a national presence as a blogger, columnist, guest speaker, and consultant. A recognized expert on healthy eating, Robin is a trusted resource for print, television, and online media. She appears regularly in various news, lifestyle, and entertainment stories for CBS, NBC, ABC, Parenting, Golf Fitness,, and other media outlets. Robin received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Cornell and Columbia Universities.


Blog Posts

KEEPING the Winter Weight OFF

Ok, so you said you wouldn’t let it happen again this year, but those extra holiday inches found their way to your waist. An extra drink here, a few meals out there, a few bites of treats around the office: It all added up! Now it’s the New Year: You are focused, dedicated, sick of the holiday treats, and sworn off alcohol (this week!). You are doing a detox diet or a juice cleanse and hitting it hard at the gym every day. The pounds are coming off. But let’s get real: Can you keep this up long term? My guess is NO! And nor should you. Strict dieting is neither healthy nor practical. Instead of aiming for a quick fix, work on transforming your long-term eating habits to maintain health for a lifetime!

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Healthy Family Travel Tips

Summer is just around the corner. That means the kids are out of school, and you will be traveling via trains, planes, automobiles, or even boats to vacation this season. Eating healthy often takes a back seat during family trips, but it doesn’t have to. Of course all treats are nice in moderation: It wouldn’t be summer without an ice cream cone or two. However, that doesn’t mean everyone should indulge in two cones a day each and every day on vacation on top of pizza and hot dogs. Follow my below five tips for fun food during your trips.

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