Sam Simon

Sam Simon Projects  

Sam Simon built his art and design studio from the ground up, literally. Humble beginnings involved creating vibrant sidewalk drawings while handing out cards that read, “I can do any art project with love and style.” 

Clients include: Betsey Johnson, Macy's, Versace, Toys R Us, ABC Carpet & Home, the Deniro Family, the Cosby Family, the Crosby Family, Steven Gambrel Interiors etc.Inspirations include: vintage illustrated books & kitchenware, chinoiserie, Dolly Parton, Liberace’s Capes, Japanese Design, Art Deco, Fashion and Music.

Sam Simon’s NYC studio is currently working on several art and design projects, as well as an illustrated book.  In his spare time Mr. Simon can be spotted on his rooftop listening to music with his charming partner, and If the right song comes on they can be seen dancing around on the rooftop like a couple of muppets.

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