Samantha Shinewald

Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Sleep Consultant, Rise and Shine Baby  

Samantha Shinewald is a clinical social worker and a certified sleep consultant, recognized by the Family Sleep Institute.

As a social worker, Samantha worked with women and children to create healthier homes. She focused on improving parent-child relationships and creating family structure, through healthy communication, appropriate nutrition and, of course, organized sleep schedules. Samantha saw firsthand how families thrive when children (and their parents!) sleep consistently and restfully each night. She saw dramatic changes in family dynamics when sleep was no longer a challenge, but was restorative and even energizing for each family member. 

When Samantha became a mom and realized that her own daughter’s sleep needs were not being met by generic sleep advice, she started to search for answers of her own, tailored to her daughter. She found the Family Sleep Institute, where she ultimately completed her Sleep Consultant certification, and developed an honest, but empathetic approach to solving each family’s unique sleep challenges. Samantha is ready to work with any family that is seeking to address its needs, understanding that through mutual partnership and commitment families can enjoy each night’s sleep.

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