Stephanie Klein


Featured on TV Food Network, Rachael Ray, Today, 20/20, and profiled on the cover of the New York Times Styles section, Klein ( is the internationally acclaimed author of Straight Up And Dirty & Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp, and one of the Internet’s most popular icons, currently developing scripted and unscripted TV and feature films along with working on her upcoming memoir about how her downright grueling experiences as a leader in The Girl Scouts have saved her marriage, family and life. Mother of boy/girl twins, she blogs about parenting, beauty, and marriage... and the food that'll see you through all of it.

Blog Posts

Teaching Olympian Lessons – or Letting a Movie Do It For You

Oh, admit it, already. You know you’ve seen The Cutting Edge. You know the one. The ice skating movie where the stuck up figure-skater learns a thing or two from a hockey player about heart and love. “Toe-pick.” It follows the classic hate-first romantic comedy formula within the sports sub-category, within the classic “Underdog” genre of films like Rudy, Hoosiers, Seabiscuit, The Legend of Bagger Vance, and The Greatest Game Ever Played. The formula looks like this: Losing, a small taste of success, then more struggle, huge failure where it looks near impossible followed by a big finish.

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Holiday Movies for the Family

On Christmas Eve, we always watch The Polar Express. But even during a regular week, what surprises me most about movies is that with them "watching" becomes "doing." It truly is an event, something special, memorable, and most important, it's something we can replay in the years to come, a connection that lives through generations--traditions old and new.

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