Yoko Shimada

Founders, Mitera  

Yoko Shimada is the founder of a NYC-based maternity and nursing wear brand, Mitera. Yoko has over 15 years’ experience in implementing health programs worldwide focused on Public-Private Partnerships, health systems and financing, and program monitoring and evaluation working with a wide variety of governments, private sector enterprises, NGOs, and major donors and foundations. Her work in 13 African countries, and many in South Asia, North America, and Europe has provided her with a truly global perspective. Through her work in Global Public Health, Yoko became especially passionate about maternal and child health and a strong advocate for breastfeeding. Becoming a mother herself a little over 4 years ago made her passion that much more personal but she found breastfeeding and pumping physically and emotionally challenging, especially as a working mother. Maternity and postpartum wardrobe is one of those factors- it can either hinder or support women’s ability to successfully and happily transition into and navigate through motherhood. With her passion at the forefront, Yoko believes that fashion can inspire, enhance and transform the way we live and empower people, especially the women to be independent, inspired and confident. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is currently based in Dubai with her husband and two kids and commutes to New York, her second home (after her native home Japan).

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